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Levelling the PR playing field. We work with creatives, non-profits and purpose driven businesses to make great PR and digital marketing accessible to all.

You see the world a little differently. You don't follow the crowd. You're a thinker,. One of a kind. You're a solo, square peg in a sea of round holes.  And the unfamiliar can be overlooked.


We see you!


Welcome to Fierce PR, the UK's hub of fearless self-expression - where no one fits in, but everyone belongs. 


We champion maverick businesses, their visionary leaders, avant-garde creators, and purpose-driven businesses. Whether you're a dreamer, doer, or disruptor, we've carved out a space just for you.

With a collective 30 years of expertise, we blend traditional PR methods like media relations, press releases, and publicity stunts with cutting-edge digital marketing tactics. From social media strategies to AI-driven campaigns, web development, and SEO (that's getting more eyeballs on your website), we've got you covered.

Whether you're a sprightly start-up or a major corporation with a purpose, if you're looking to make waves, we're your crew.

band electronic press kit - indie music artist portfolio - social media manager - fashion pr agency - education public relations agency


 BBC Radio 4 Comedy Writer and Presenter, Musician, Founder of Antifolk, Bestselling Author and Poet

"I dig working with Anna and Fierce. Capable, inventive, joyous! If you are looking for a pro-active, creative and knowledgeable PR company, look no further, Fierce, to put it simply, rocks!If you are looking for a pro-active, inventive and knowledgeable PR company, look no further, Fierce, to put it simply, rocks!


Jaz Ampaw Farr

"Anna is wonderful."


Ije McDougall

I'm so happy that I found this company. They encourage me to be fully myself and as someone who is new to the whole concept of trying to raise my public profile, they are perfect.
It is nice to feel like you have people who are on your side and who are cheerleaders for you.
They've taught me how to celebrate my little milestones.
They've given me access to some phenomenal people.
I can't recommend enough!

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