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your brand is
in good hands.


We really know our stuff.

Our talented consultants earned their stripes in the creative industry and the dizzy heights of corporate PR.


We love putting newbies on the map, and making big names bigger.

Leading our team of consultants is Creative Director and Consultant PR Strategist, Anna Grace Du Noyer.

Director Anna

Anna has a vast portfolio that showcases her strategic skill in creative concept for print and digital media. 

Her work? Think national music press, scriptwriting for public figures, PR for billion-pound-high street brands, and celebrity brand activations for a HUGE Christmas charity appeal.


Describing herself as a communications ninja, she knows EVERY trick in the book! 


Doing the right thing is at the heart of every decision we make - and the drumbeat of our business.


We choose to prioritise clients with unpredictable budgets by offering flexi-rates and payment plans. We especially love working with creatives, start-ups and not-for-profits!  So much so that we give them 10% off everything. Always. 


Glow aims to make great PR accessible to all, regardless of brand, budget or background 

We want to level the PR playing field. Not only are we super accessible, but we pride ourselves on offering jargon free support. Our policy is to assume our clients have no prior knowledge of PR practices, unless we are told otherwise.

There is always room to improve! Tell us if we ever get it wrong.



Speaking of diversity... We love our job! And that's down to our inspiring and downright lovely clients!

We work with unsigned bands,  biomedical scientists, gardeners,  community group leaders, dog walkers and heroic TedEx Speakers! Everyday people,  with big stories - and they deserve to be heard...

What's your story?

But now we are curious, what's your story? 

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