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Who Are We

Who We Are

We are authentic.  Dead friendly. Inclusive. Totally chill. And always flexible.   But make no mistake, we are deadly serious about empowering our clients with bespoke, cost effective brand communication packages. 


Your plan can include social media, PR, press releases, media kits or EPKs, creative brand assets and click-worthy copywriting.


Don't know what that means? You're in the right place. Drop us a message.

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Fierce PR's small but mighty consultancy team have been getting people noticed for over 10 years. Our impressive portfolio includes creatives, startups, performers, musicians, public speakers, poets, authors, artists, and non-profits. We love our clients. Like, we really care. We are your brand fanboys. Cheerleaders. Proud parents. With you at every stage, shouting from the rooftops with every little win. 

our values

Our values are the drumbeat of our business. We choose to prioritise clients with unpredictable budgets by offering flexi-rates and payment plans. We especially love working with creatives, start-ups and not-for-profits! 

Glow aim to make great PR accessible to all, regardless of brand, budget or background .

We want to level the PR playing field. Not only are we super accessible, but we pride ourselves on offering jargon free support. Our policy is to assume our clients have no prior knowledge of PR practices, unless we are told otherwise.

There is always room to improve! Tell us if we can make any changes for the better.


We can help with band electronic press kit and social media manager fashion pr agency educational pub

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