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Antifolk Founder and ‘New York Legend’ Lach to Perform Rare Intimate Gig in Liverpool on 25th August

9th August 2023

LIVERPOOL, UK – Lach, the founder of the international Antifolk movement and a figure praised by Bob Dylan, Suzanne Vega, and Nikki Sixx, is set to perform an intimate gig at Liverpool's Hobo-Kiosk on Fri, 25 Aug 2023,

Too punk for folk and too folk for punk, Lach's influence on the music scene is far-reaching. His Antifolk movement, a reaction against the softness and pretension of the 1980s folk scene. The American singer-songwriter, is widely recognised as the founder of the Antifolk movement - a reaction against the softness and pretension of the 1980s folk scene. The movement inspired contemporary performers like Beck, Regina Spektor, and Laura Marling and was a catalyst for a generation of artists. Lach has released six albums, authored a book of poetry, and was writer and host of a regular series on BBC Radio 4 called "The Lach Chronicles.

The New York legend Lach said

“There's an undeniable magic in Liverpool, something that's always attracted me to its creativity, energy, and wonderful people. It has been years since I was in the city. I played The Lomax last time I was in town - and I’m sad to see it’s closed down. Hobo-Kiosk looks like a great little independent venue. It didn’t exist when I was last in town but I’m told it’s the sort of place where magic happens. I’m really excited to hang out there and share an evening of music, poetry, memories of the Antifolk movement and the stories behind my songs with my 30 guests.”

This exclusive event, limited to just 30 tickets at £10 each, offers a rare opportunity for fans to engage with the enigmatic artist in a uniquely personal setting. Lach will perform new material as well as favourites from his six critically acclaimed albums, share poetry from his sold-out book, and snippets of his debut novel, “Langdimania”.

The evening will commence with a welcome and book signing from 7pm, followed by music, poetry, and conversation with Lach. Attendees will have the chance to listen to his music, enjoy his poetry, have their books signed, and chat with Lach himself and ask questions about his interesting and enigmatic life with a live Q&A..

  • "Lach's great!" - Bob Dylan

  • "The best punk rhythm guitarist since Johnny Ramone." - Billy Ficca (of Television)

  • "★★★★★! Lach is a beat-punk-unplugged joy, and likely to send you home with several favourite new songs" - The Guardian

About Lach: Lach has been a stalwart of New York's music scene, with high praise from Time Out London and Suzanne Vega. He's the founder of Antifolk, inspiring acts like Beck, Regina Spektor, and hundreds of others. His debut novel, 'Langdimania', has been lauded for its creativity and wit. Location: Hobo Kiosk, 9 Bridgewater Street, Liverpool L1 0AR

Tickets: Limited to 30, £10 each Show map : Press Contact Anna Grace Du Noyer | Fierce PR |

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