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Master the Art of Spin with the Bluffer's Guide to Public Relations

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The Bluffer's Guide to Public Relations by Keith Hann is like a treasure trove of PR knowledge, hidden in plain sight for all to discover. The author, who I'd describe as a PR pirate, has a penchant for rebellion.

Keith is a seasoned pro - with a brutally honest, anarchic streak. His book delivers the no-holds-barred ugly, hilarious, crinegworthy truth about the industry while breaking down the key concepts of PR into bite-sized chunks that are easy to comprehend, even for those with little to no prior knowledge.

It pillages the complexities of PR and distills them into golden nuggets of wisdom.

Reading The Bluffer's Guide to Public Relations is like taking a wild ride on a pirate ship, guided by a knowledgeable and entertaining captain.

I've had the privilege of working with Keith, during my time in Iceland Foods PR team - when Keith was Director of Corporate Affairs. He's a PR dynamo, and as dry-witted in person, as his writing is, in this book.

Smooth as rum and as sharp as a cutlass ("OK enough with the pirate references, already" - me, talking to myself) .

This book a joy to read, with laugh out loud moments in every chapter.

Whether you're an experienced PR pro or just starting out, The Bluffer's Guide to Public Relations is an essential resource that you won't want to miss.

You will learn all the essentials of media relations, crisis management, and brand management, and come out the other side with a swashbuckling (sorry) new perspective.

What will you discover?

  1. The definition and purpose of PR.

  2. The different types of PR, including media relations, crisis management, and brand management.

  3. The importance of research and planning in PR.

  4. The role of media monitoring and measurement in PR.

  5. The impact of social media and digital technology on PR.

  6. How to handle PR crises effectively.

  7. The importance of messaging and branding in PR.

  8. The role of storytelling in PR.

  9. The ethics and responsibilities of PR professionals.

  10. Practical tips and tricks to improve your PR skills.

In short, The Bluffer's Guide to Public Relations is a hilarious, insightful and practical guide to all things PR.

If you want to get your foot in the door, it's about to become your new best friend.

So put down that dull business book, and pick up The Bluffer's Guide to Public Relations by Keith Hann.

Your PR education starts now. Available on Amazon now (This is not an affiliate link - I really like this book!)

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