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Swap! Don’t shop! FREE Style Swap Party 19.11.22



8th November 2022

Swap Don’t Shop! Brand new clothes swap party is coming to Merseyside on Saturday 19th Nov.

Second hand style guru, local musician and trauma and mental health blogger, Erasing Grace - real name Anna Grace Du Noyer - launches FREE, sustainable fashion event in Port Sunlight - just 7 minutes from Liverpool City Centre, or a short 15 minute train journey from Liverpool Central.

The cost of living crisis means that we all have to watch our pennies - meaning Wirral Style Swap Party could not come at a better time.

Simply bring along your unwanted clothing to exchange them for styles you love! All completely free… and the first 20 guests will even be treated to a glass of bubbly. Think of it as an afternoon kit with friends, music and drinks - but with some free clothes to take home with you.

Along with the economic benefits, the Style Swap Party is a platform to enjoy a fast fashion fix in a sustainable way. The environmental issues with traditional fast fashion is another benefit of the event - do your bit for the planet, save money, have fun and freshen up your wardrobe in the process!

At a financially difficult time for us all, the event promises a fun and free way to mingle, make friends and make a difference to the earth all at the same time - all whilst being gentle on your pockets.

When you arrive on the day, simply hand over your items in exchange for swap vouchers - one voucher per item, your swap vouchers will act as currency to purchase pieces that catch your eye.


Date: 19/11/22

Venue: Port Sunlight Church Hall, Wirral (3 minutes walk from Port Sunlight station)

Time: 1.30pm doors open for donations and mingling

2.30pm Swap Party officially opens!

6.30pm Doors close.

Donations can also be dropped off the day before at the venue, 4.30pm-7.30pm

Host, Erasing Grace (real name Anna Grace Du Noyer) is a local musician, mental health campaigner and second hand style fan. She is passionate about fashion - and also supporting people who have experienced trauma - she talks openly about her own experiences of cPTSD, therapy and trauma healing in her blog

To support local trauma survivors, any left over clothing items will be donated to local domestic violence refuges, hostels and The Whitechapel Centre, a leading homeless charity in the Liverpool region - who will help to distribute them to those who will benefit the most.


Volunteers are vital in the running of this event and are still needed to help bring this event together!

If you want to help a good cause and get stuck in, visit the website or event Facebook page for more information.

The organisers are also asking for donations of rails and hangers (you will get these back) and sponsorship for refreshments from local businesses, any and all support is appreciated!


“I have always loved fashion, but hate the environmental cost - and looking the same as everyone else. I never buy new - all the clothes I have bought this year are from charity shops! I often share my top outfits and bargain finds through my music and mental health blog - so this first event is a way to promote the two things I’m most passionate about in one go and hopefully make some new friends! I can’t wait to see the outfits you get your hands on…”

Share your top finds from the day using #STYLESWAPPARTY2022




Text/phone: 07932886966



Erasing Grace:


Q: What is the Wirral Style Swap Party?

A: This is a FREE social event where you can donate clothing items in exchange for vouchers that can be used to “buy” other donated items.

So, bring your the clothes you no longer love and swap them for something you do, that has been donated by a fellow style swapper!

Q: How much is a swap voucher worth?

A: One voucher is worth

1 x Clothing item

1 x Shoes (pair), bag or accessory

3 x Children and babies clothing item

Q: What items can I donate to the Swap Party?

A: Womens & gender neutral clothing and accessories can be donated to the Swap Party in exchange for Swap vouchers.

Why womens? Our demographic is primarily women, and we want to avoid a situation where women being among their husbands or boyfriend’s clothing leaving an uneven distribution of items that people want to take home. Gender neutral clothing is fine - t shirts, shirts etc that is from a mens label (often the best finds !)

Our next event will cater for all genders.


Only clothing and accessories in decent condition will be accepted so the Swap Party is fair to everyone attending as well as ensuring the leftover stock is good quality so it can be used when donated to charity.

NO Underwear please!

NO broken or dirty clothing please!

Q: What happens with my donations upon arrival?

A: Volunteers will take in your donations upon arrival so they can be sorted into size order and exchanged for vouchers which you can spend on other donated items.

Any donations left over after the Swap Party will be donated to local organisations that suppor trauma survivors such as one of our partners The Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool. They will support us in distributing them ….. be provided to their service users and charity shops accordingly by them.

Your clothes can also be dropped off the night before the event between 4.30-6.30pm

Q: Can I sell my clothes for cash?

No, this event is not for monetary gain.

Donations are given for free in exchange for swap vouchers which you can use on other items which have been donated.

This means you donate your items for free and also get to choose clothes and accessories for free too!

Q: Will the Swap Party be a regular event?

A: Yes, this event is the first of hopefully many clothes swaps once things get underway.

Q: Will there be refreshments?

A: This is a social event as much as it is a fun way to find new pieces for your wardrobe, there won’t be any refreshments provided but there will be plastic cups so you can bring your own beverages and snacks (please take home or bin your waste!).

Q: When and where is the Swap Party?

A: The Swap Party is on 19/11/22 at 1.30pm for donations and sign up.

2.30pm the party starts.

6.30pm ends.

Q: When can I drop off my donations?

Drop off donations the day before the party (18th Nov) between 4:30p and 7:30pm

Or bring them along on the day, from 1:30pm


The swap party is held at: Port Sunlight church hall, Wirral

Great transport links - 3 minute walk from Port sunlight station, which is only 15 minutes from Liverpool Central!

Q: How can I get involved and help with the Style Swap Party?

A: You can help by signing up to volunteer with donations at the party!

We need volunteers and community support to help the event work as planned and create a sustainable fashion experience and community event!


Can you help by lending us clothes rails, hangers and tables which will be returned to you at the end of the event!

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