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Recording vocals for my EP

Music is no longer fun.

I am in the middle recording and mixing the Erasing Grace debut EP, Hurrricane Hill - and honestly, it’s a burden. Worse than that; it’s negatively impacting my mental health.

Emotionally it’s draining. The subject of the songs are really heavy - many written when I’ve been at my lowest points in my life. Singing those words, about those feelings, over and over is... !

Well, franky, it’s a trigger for my PTSD. And despite the Easter eggs I’ve barely raised a smile this week.

I would normally have been gardening- rock n roll! when I’m not in my demanding day job. But instead I’m doing something I thought would make me happy, and I am under massive pressure from myself

And then there is the self doubt! Listening to myself singing the my raw - and un mastered - vocals is enough to make me want to delete the songs and all social media accounts. And change my name.

Of course, when the EP is released this will be long forgotten. Until the next time!

Lyrics from the EP

Fellow musicians, do you relate?

But for thuse have struggled at times to find the fun in all this recording and mixing stuff, let me suggest a few tips to give you perspective and pull you out of the no-fun feels .

#1 – Go listen to some great music.

Seriously, open up your absolute favorite album or mix of songs and put it on repeat. Go for a walk, jog, or ride, and listen in headphones. Just get in a place of music enjoyment as a listener, not an artist.

Great music, music that we LOVE, is what got us into this crazy home studio world. So when the fun dries up, go back to the source: other people’s music!

#2 – Sell one piece of gear.

There’s an amazing psychological thing that happens when you sell stuff. It no longer has power over you.

The moment you sell a microphone you rarely use, or a preamp that just looks pretty, you loosen your grip on gear and a rush of freedom and creativity comes flooding back into your brain.

#3 – Help a friend record or mix THEIR music

Whenever I’m in a funk, it’s usually because of one thing and one thing only: I’m thinking about myself too much.

So, when that happens I try to go and help someone else with something that’s important to them. You can do the same.

Hit up one of your musician friends and offer to help record or mix or master a song for them. It’ll make their day, you’ll have fun, and you might have some killer collaborative sessions!

How Do YOU Get The Fun Back?

Today I want you to share one or two ways you’ve found to be effective for bringing the fun back to music making.

I’m sure it will encourage others. And THAT my friends is what this website is all about!

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