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Rejecting Working Class (Yes, this is click bait)

I have been meaning to write this blog since my 2021 OpEd Elitism in the Arts

The problem with class.

OK, here goes. In my humble/valid opinion...

Class labels - the chameleons of the social stratosphere. They are a tool used to divide and conquer, to reinforce inequality and stigma against those who don't fit the mould. We've all heard the terms: working class, middle class, and upper class. They may seem like a window into a person's experiences and identities, but let me tell you, they're about as deep as ... er... a very shallow puddle.

It's like trying to categorise a rainbow by only looking at one colour (bit better?) - you're missing out on the full spectrum of experiences and identities that make up each individual. These labels are so limiting that they can't possibly account for the nuances of a person's experience, especially when they are combined with other factors like race, gender, sexuality, and ability.

Class labels are the weapon of choice in the armoury of social hierarchy.

Of course, I recognise that discussions around class can be sensitive and emotional, but I am personally committed to addressing these issues in a respectful and responsible manner.

'Working class is both worn as a badge of honour - and spat out as a slur.

Often portrayed as a single, monolithic entity with a shared set of experiences and values 'working class' represents a diverse group of people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Assuming otherwise can lead to discrimination, oversimplifications and SELF limiting belief.

Inverted snobbery is no better. It may seem like a harmless form of rebellion against the establishment, but it can be extremely damaging. It can perpetuate stereotypes and stigmas and limit opportunities for individuals and communities - leading to deeply harmful discrimination and prejudice.

Semantics hold power; I am committed to using words in a way that promotes inclusion, equity, and progress.

I'm putting it out there that class labels are limiting, reductive, and dangerous, and that they perpetuate inequality and reinforce damaging social hierarchies.

Our society is riddled with inequalities. It's a fact. But understanding the many overlapping identities that make us who we are is essential to tackle these problems head-on.

Enter intersectionality: a concept that recognises that a person's race, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, and other characteristics are intertwined and have a significant impact on their lives.

Using intersectionality in practice means recognising the unique and diverse experiences of individuals and communities, and actively working to dismantle the systems of oppression that affect them.

Fierce PR is committed to promoting progress through responsible and ethical communication, and we believe that moving beyond class labels is essential in creating a just and equitable society for all.

What do you think?

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