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Why such an approach? Simply put, it's about extending the lifecycle and reach of your story.

A well-researched, brilliantly written story that achieves coverage should not just be left to stagnate. Instead, we recommend you socialise it, market it through events to draw people towards your brand, and engage your target audience on a deeper, yet unobtrusive level in their inbox. All these actions contribute to driving web traffic to your brand. That's our forte - creating a ripple effect of engagement around
your brand story. 

We love engaging with purpose driven business leaders, who care about doing good who think outside of the box. We can not only boost your brand, but also position you as an expert in your field through our strategic thought leadership packages that will get you featured in national publications, boost your credibility and open up doors of opportunity. 

In 2023 we have secured coverage in The Express, BBC News, Marie Claire, BBC Radio Merseyside to name just a few

Want to learn more? Get in touch with me and I'll talk you through it"


Anna Grace Du Noyer

Director, Fierce PR



Writing a compelling Press Release is a real skill. It can takes years in the industry to learn the tricks of the trade - and develop a story that gets noticed.


Don't worry. Storytelling is in our blood. No story? No problem.


We can always find a hook.


We write it, Then we pitch it to the press.


And then?



We send you a file of press cuttings and mentions.

Exciting! Starting at just £149


Your brand story in a neat little package.

A must have toolkit for every new business. 

Every brand needs a media kit in its arsenal. We are laser-focused on telling your compelling brand story through creative design and expert copywriting. 

What's included in the finished kit? That's up to you!


Starting at £199, options include

  • Website design and expertly curated domain 

  • Bespoke logo

  • Brand guidelines, colours and fonts

  • Social media images

  • Creative graphics and animations for social media

  • Verbatim from key stakeholders

  • Mission statements and straplines

  • Statistics and interesting facts

  • Killer press release headlines

  • Carefully crafted About Us profile


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Colorful Nails
Colorful Nails


Social media is brilliant for smaller brands that are low on resource.

The downfall? It's like a full time job, and you have better things to be getting on with. Not to mention learning on the job. The tech develops fast.

Starting at £299 per month our packages could include...


Social Audit

We can review your social media channels and provide written recommendations for brand growth

Creative Assets

We can design bespoke branded graphics to boost your results, as part of this package



We can develop your social strategy and rolling monthly schedules.


We can provide impact reports to evaluate your success!


EVENTS and PR stunts 

Product launches, brand birthdays, charity partnerships, special guests, and the odd silly stunt. PR Events provide the BEST opportunities to get noticed.


We will make sure you cause a stir with creative brand activation.

Starting at £299 our packages could include...


  • Market research

  • Event concept 

  • Strategic planning

  • Project management

  • Supplier relations

  • Press releases

  • Media attendance

  • Guestlist curation

  • Entertainment

  • Sponsorship

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"If you're looking to onboard a PR firm, we believe in choosing one that connects all pieces of the PR and marketing puzzle, through press coverage, creative services. event management, social media and online presence including website development.


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