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What is PR? Fierce Media’s Guide to Pubic Relations for 11-15 Year Olds.

Updated: Mar 17

This content has been created for young people to earn as they learn, by participating in Life Hub Jobs - a USA based online programme that's changing the lives of young people. paying young learners in real cash to complete educational activities. To learn more go to

Hey there! Anna here - CEO and Founding Director of Fierce Media.

Have you ever wondered what "PR" stands for and why it's such a big deal? PR, which stands for Public Relations, might sound like a fancy term you only hear on the TV, but it's actually something you encounter every day without even realizing it. Imagine PR as the art of making friends and influencing people, but on a much, much bigger scale. Ready to learn more? Let's dive in!

1. PR is like being the popular kid in school... but for companies.

Just like how the popular kids want to look cool and be liked by everyone, companies use PR to create a good image for themselves. They want customers to think they're the best choice, kind of like how you'd want friends to think you're awesome to hang out with.

2. Social Media Savvy: The Online Hangout

Think about your favorite TikTok or Instagram accounts. Many of them are using PR tactics - like the ones we use with our clients at Fierce PR - by sharing content that makes you like and follow them. They're telling stories, showing off cool stuff, and engaging with their audience—just like how you'd chat with friends online.

3. Handling OOPS Moments: Crisis Management

Ever accidentally spilled a secret and had to fix things fast? People and companies who are in the public eye have those "oops" moments too. PR agencies like ours help manage these situations so they don't lose friends (aka customers and fans) by apologising - in the right way, with the help of their PR representative - and fixing mistakes, much like how you'd say sorry and try to make up for a mistake with your friends or parents.

4. Event Planning Pros: The Ultimate Party Planners

Ever been to a cool event or a friend's party that was all over Snapchat or IG? Companies use PR to organize events that get everyone talking and excited, kind of like planning the best party ever to make sure everyone knows how fun they are. Events are often used to launch products, new music releases, films or anything else the person or company is trying to sell - and PR agencies organise them to make sure they get talked about by EVERYONE.

5. News Whisperers: Getting the Word Out

Just like sharing the latest gossip or news with your friends, PR pros work to get companies' news into newspapers, TV, and social media. They're like the friend who always knows what's going on and makes sure everyone else does too.

6. The Cool Factor: Making Things Trendy

Ever noticed how some things suddenly become cool and everyone's talking about them? That's PR at work. It can involve giving the items to cool celebrities (and sometimes paying them to wear them or be photographed using the products!) They help make stuff or ideas trendy, much like how a viral dance move becomes the next big thing on TikTok.

7. Helping Hands: Doing Good to Look Good

Ever helped out in your community or done something nice for someone else? Companies and famous people (such as our clients who are musicians, authors and public speakers), use PR to show they're not just about making money; they care about doing good things too - such as partnering with charities or making promised to stop wasting plastics to protect the environment. It's like when you volunteer or help a friend, or you go out of your way to help others - this makes people see you in a positive light, just like they do when a company aligns with a cause you care about.

So, there you have it - the basics of that mysterious thing you hear about on the news., called PR. 

PR is all about creating a good image, dealing with problems gracefully, and making sure the world sees companies and well-known people in the best possible light. It's a mix of being the cool kid, the savvy social media user, the problem-solver, the party planner, the news sharer, the trendsetter, and the good Samaritan all rolled into one.


Please Note: This content was created for Life Hub Jobs learners, based in USA. As such you will find English USA spelling within the copy. If you would like learn more about Life Hub Jobs, whether you are from UK, USA or somewhere else in the world, please go to

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