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The Rebel Alliance: Fierce PR and Antifolk Pioneer Lach Announce Strategic Partnership

Fierce PR, a niche Liverpool based agency known for its strategic rebellion and audacious narratives, has formalised a seminal partnership with BBC Radio 4 presenter, songwriter, stand-up comic, author, and Antifolk founder Lach—dubbed a "New York legend" by Time Out magazine and extolled by none other than Bob Dylan. The collaboration will spearhead a compelling new campaign for Lach's debut novel, Langdimania, targeting a cross-generational audience. The move amalgamates Fierce PR's non-conformist but tactical prowess with enigmatic Lach’s multifaceted creative endeavours, posing a challenge to conventional notions in both the PR and artistic domains. The partnership between Fierce PR and Lach is set to challenge industry norms with a focus on "screwing the status quo" through authentic storytelling and fearless self-expression.

Anna Grace Du Noyer, Director of Fierce PR, stated:

"In a world saturated with artifice, our alliance with Lach is a testament to the power and influence of authenticity, non-confirmity, and being oneself - even if that means not fitting in. At Fierce PR no one fits in but everyone belongs - and that kind of sums up our relationship with Lach, and our audiences.”
Anna Grace Du Noyer, Fierce PR CEO

Representing a diverse portfolio "of compassionate rebels" - pioneers, like public speaker, Ije McDougall and ethically conscious businesses - such as ParrJazz.

Fierce PR campaigns are a symbiosis of media relations, SEO, and data analytics powered by artificial intelligence.

Lach stands as an iconoclastic figure in multiple artistic arenas. He's the architect behind the Antifolk movement, cited as a main inspiration by hundreds artists from Beck to the Moldy Peaches to Jeff Buckley. Lach is the writer and star of the critically acclaimed BBC Radio 4 comedy storytelling series, The Lach Chronicles. His debut novel, Langdimania, is a tour de force in counter-culture storytelling and tells a tale of not fitting in - but being oneself - with imagination at the forefront of wellbeing.

Lach. Credit: Perry Jonsson

Lach said "Working with Anna and Fierce PR is like finding a like-minded rebel in a sea of yes-men. This collaboration with Fierce PR isn't just another business venture; it's a cultural statement. It's about daring to be different in a world that often rewards sameness. Fierce PR isn't your run-of-the-mill agency, and Langdimania isn't your average novel. We're not here to add to the noise; we're here to change the conversation. Fierce PR gets that. They're not about ticking boxes or playing it safe. They're about taking risks that matter. That's why I'm on board."

Endorsements from cultural titans like Bob Dylan and Suzanne Vega emphasise the substantial influence Lach exerts over the creative landscape - an influence set to be elevated further through his alliance with Fierce PR.

Lach’s Antifolk movement, intrinsically subversive, aligns seamlessly with Fierce PR’s 'Screw the Status Quo' orientation.

Antifolk, often described as a genre that seeks to subvert the earnestness of politically charged 1960s folk music, is inherently rebellious. It's a movement that embraces the raw, the imperfect, and the deeply authentic, often challenging the polished veneer of mainstream music and culture.

This synergy renders the collaboration not merely strategic, but fundamentally congruent.

Antifolk founder, Lach. Credit: Lippe

Post the initial Langdimania campaign, audiences can look forward to the development of projects ranging from new music releases to a tell-all documentary.


Recent statistics from the UK underscore the importance of authenticity in business. A study by Cohn & Wolfe found that 87% of global consumers felt it was important for brands to "act with integrity at all times," a sentiment that is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of modern PR. Contact

Anna Grace Du Noyer

Director, Fierce Group Ltd. Add me on: LinkedIn Instagram and Facebook Web: Fierce PR | Fierce Futures | Style Swap Social | About Me Recent press: The Express, Marie Claire, CMSWire

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